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Yuka Kodama Ballet Group

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Ballet classes for absolutely everyone of all shapes and sizes, ages and backgrounds

From complete beginners to professional levels. 

Various classes from classical ballet technique, pointe work, boys' technique, repertoire, pas de deux and much more!

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Even though the legal restrictions have now lifted, I do not feel it quite right to go back to drop-in classes just yet, and many of you have expressed concerns about the ongoing Covid situation.

We will therefore continue for the time being with the pre-booking system to regulate the number of people in classes. Please follow the same rules when in class. 


Yuka and Her Classes


Young Professional

Yuka's classes are a welcome environment for anyone regardless of age or experience. ... many 'click' moments where suddenly the music and the movements made sense, no longer having back pain because my posture improved


Medical Student

...  Yuka is super knowledgeable and will help you to improve on whatever you need to improve on specifically. She is also super encouraging and friendly.

We always have a nice atmosphere in the class. ...


Dance Shop Owner

I have found her detailed explanations of how to utilise them very helpful in making improvement!

It's also very unusual for adults to be treated as though they want to improve, and be given proper corrections. However, this is something Yuka is really good at, and something I really appreciate.




... I've learned so many exciting things from trying to execute the basics of ballet technique really properly to those exciting big jumps you see on stage and acting and just really listening to the music ...


... I was being pushed to expand my ability, not just technically but artistically. And my expression, my acting capabilities and they were all things that Yuka really, really encouraged...


Young Professional

For me, the most remarkable thing about Yuka’s classes is how she will see and support the potential of all dancers, no matter their age or experience.

y combining her vast knowledge of ballet and anatomy with everyday analogies, she‘ll never leave you without precise feedback on how to improve that specific move you struggle with.



DPhile Student

... Yuka's classes have this rare balane between hard work, pushing yourself, learning to use every little bit of body correctly and also opportunity to have fun, be silly get to meet people ...

More to come...